What pairs best with pét-nats? Why, pets naturally! If you’re a fan of word-play-based events, particularly ones involving effervescent natural wine and furry/feathered/scaly friends, then have we got the event for you. Taking place Friday, September 7th at E&R Wine Shop in Portland, Pét Paths and the Road Not Taken is a tasting of some of the best natural wine producers in Oregon (and beyond), all while getting to hang with your favorite little buddy.

Getting started at 5:30pm PST, E&R and a host of winemakers will be pouring selections—mostly pét-nats—from some of Oregon’s rock star producers, including: Minimus Wines’ 2017 Grenache Pét-Nat, Johan Vineyards’ 2017 Melon de Bourgogne Pét-Nat, Swick Wines’ 2017 Pinot Noir Pét-Nat, Jess Miller’s Pet Sounds Pét-Nat, Kevin Green’s La Randonnée 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Pét-Nat, and Art & Science’s 2017 Pinot Pét-Nat.
For the Road Not Taken, expect to find some non-Oregon-based and also maybe non-pét-nat options, like A Tribute to Grace’s 2012 Snake Ridge Ranch Granache, La Perdida’s 2016 “A Mallada” Valdeorras, and Domaine Tempier’s 1993 Bandol AOC Cuvée Cabassaou.

And of course, don’t forget your best friend.

Bring your python, bring your dog, bring your cat, bring your goldfish, bring your hamster, don’t bring your skunk (please). All falconers outside (sorry but we have a door) and discount if you work at the Bird Hut, we’ve been looking for you. Pet rocks already here for those without pets.

It all gets going on Friday, September 7th at 5:30pm at E&R Wine Shop. For more information, visit Pét Paths and the Road Not Taken’s Facebook event page. So come on down and have a grrrrrrranache with your pooch, share a splash with your Siamese fighting fish, have a drop or two with your cockatoo, drink some nat-nat with your cat-cat. Whatever your brand of non-human friend, come have a drink and bring ‘em along.

Top image via E&R Wine Shop.